Welcome to Alchemy2. Many of you may remember another company I co-founded and developed products for, called Audio Alchemy…while our new entity shares many of the ideals and talented people with the previous Alchemy, we’re not just Alchemy2, we’re Alchemy2 (squared)… meaning we plan to take the Alchemist legacy of high value, great performing little products to a whole new level.

To the many original Audio Alchemy customers who have contacted us, we thank you for your well wishes and enthusiasm, and invite you to visit the AA customer page site.

Alchemy2's initial products provide a range of solutions for the evolving problem of LipSync Error. Our latest, jointly developed with the prestigious Imaging Science Foundation, are the first to address, and successful deal with the significant issues surrounding HDMI connector incompatibility and its effect on video display performance.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you'll find one of our designs fits a need.
FREE MONSTER ISF® HDTV Calibration DVD included with every DDL series - $30 Value